What our customers say about the Molebuster Set

Got your package and video. Thanks. It works like a charm. I set it exactly according to your instructions and I checked this morning and WHAM, a big ole Texas mole...My cat is having breakfast right now...LOL



John Thibodeau

Hawkins, TX



I'm sure you hear this a lot, but your video, advice and products have helped me win a 3 year battle. I had used the harpoon traps for the past 3 years with occasional success. I felt good if I got 3 moles a year...This year, I searched the internet determined to find a better way. I found your site, ordered the kit and 3 extra traps. In the 2 weeks since we started we have caught 14 moles!!! The first day we set 5 traps and caught 5 moles!!! Since we have nearly wiped out the mole population, I am actually regretting that I can't keep catching the pesky things. It's kind of ironic, we spent 3 years trying to wipe them out and now, I'm disappointed when there are no more to catch! I cannot thank you enough!


Mike Kraemer

Plymouth, IN


I want to thank you for your product. You deliver what you promise. I watched your video twice. Set the two traps.......killed one mole on my first try. 

Thanks again.

Mike McMeekin
Eatonville, WA


Yesterday at about noon, my son and I used your directions and set a trap in a hole where he had pushed up the dirt on the surface. We left the hole and went about 20 ft. away to do the same thing. We heard the trap snap at the first hole and I told Nate to go see what had happened. It caught the mole in less than 5 minutes! We couldn't believe it! Thought you would want to know.


Sherm Perkins

Ross, OH


Thank you, thank you and thank you again!!!!! A mole had been ruining our lives.....On July 6th we watched the video a couple of times......we painted the traps & set them out that night....On Sunday morning my husband went out to get the paper & saw that one of the traps had been tripped & there was a dead mole!!!!!........I want to tell you how much we appreciate you & your especially helpful video. Thank you from the bottom of my heart (my husband's too)!!


Sylvia & Steve Baudier
Conway, AR



I got your set late yesterday (Friday). It was getting dark, so I watched the video several times and again this morning. I set both traps in runways and about 30 minutes later I got my first mole!.........Thanks. By the way, the video is very good and instructional.

Spencer Russell
Lugoff, SC



Several weeks ago, I purchased the two traps and video. In the first 10 days, I caught nine moles and I have not had any mole activity anywhere in the past six days. The traps are the greatest thing since sliced bread. I'm beginning to feel like Rambo on the mole patrol.

Joe Siebenburgen
Cincinnati, OH



Hello, I'm catching moles!!! Caught one the first time I set the traps & caught another the second day.The amount of tunnels have decreased markedly........Nice to find something that finally works.

Hutch (Glen Hutchinson)
Chester, VA



By the way- my neighbor recently purchased from you and he's caught about 37 moles in a few weeks, so another neighbor and I are going to order 10 traps each to see if we can get rid of these things...

Tim Meier
Franklin, IN



I just wanted to drop you a quick note to mention how well your traps have worked for me. I purchased a kit at the Cincinnati Home & Garden Show earlier this year and have found success in solving my mole problem. My yard had been a haven for the insectivores over the past 3 years and other traps have failed to control the problem. Within hours of setting the scissor traps, I have been successful in trapping a mole. (Another just this morning) Your kit was definitely a great purchase and I will continue to recommend your product to friends and colleagues.

Chris Bell



You may remember me calling a couple of weeks ago to order a kit to be mailed to my girlfriend, who felt "violated" by what moles were doing to her yard. Upon receipt, she immediately looked at the video and painted the traps. But the rain and her busy schedule kept her from setting the traps until a couple of days ago. Sunday morning, when she saw nothing had happened overnight, she was disappointed. But this Morning when she got up and saw that a trap was sprung, and I then went out and verified that a mole had been trapped, she was ecstatic! I have never seen her go off to work on a Monday so happy.....

Kerry Fitzpatrick
Louisville, KY



Went to war this Saturday morning at 11:30 am EST. First mole casualty came at 2:20 pm!!!! Less than three hours to bag the first one, a hefty one at that!!!

Ed Cicale
Cincinnati, OH




Got your Molebuster® Set on Wednesday, watched the video last night, set my first trap today at 2:30 and had a mole in the trap by 3:30!!!!  Great Video and mole system, I’ve tried everything and so far this has worked the best!


Andy Montgomery
Lafayette, IN



Hey Craig, Just a note to let you know we caught our first mole by Tuesday morning. If you'll remember, we are the couple who live in Cleves and you came to our house on Monday afternoon, my husband set the traps right where you said would be good spots, and by the next afternoon, he had one!  He's feeling pretty puffed up about it too, he's calling himself "The Mighty Mole Hunter"!!  I think he wants to have it stuffed! Thanks a ton Craig, 


Sue and Danny Cain
Cleves, OH