Facts You Should Know About Moles!

Did you know that...

  • The mole is not a rodent? Moles belong to the mammal group known as insectivores.

  • The mole is pound for pound one of the strongest mammals on earth? It also has incredible stamina!

  • The life expectancy of a mole is approximately 3 to 4 years due to it's high metabolic rate? It's inability to store fat or food, requires the mole to remain active year round. As the extremes of winter or summer arrive, the food sources burrow deeper into the ground. The mole simply follows the food. It is during these times that the homeowner sometimes gets a reprieve from the mole's destructive surface activity.

  • Moles eat about 50% to 100% of their body weight each day?

  • Moles eat only "live" food? They eat earthworms, insect larvae and any ground dwelling insects (That is why Juicy Fruit gum, human hair, poison peanuts, synthetic poison worms and other home remedies do not work!)

  • Moles do not "normally" drink water? They get most of their water from the food they eat (mainly worms and nightcrawlers).

  • A mole's tunnel is an insect trap? As insects, larvae and worms burrow through the ground, they often wind up in the mole's tunnel. The mole patrols his tunnels and eats these unfortunate critters.

  • Moles only have one litter a year? They give birth to two to five young in mid to late spring.

  • Moles can tunnel up to 15 to 18 feet an hour and as much as 150-300 feet a day?

  • Moles live on a cycle of 3 hours rest/5 hours work? They work around the clock on this cycle.

  • There is information out there that says the mole's blood does not coagulate and that any wound is fatal? This is not true! A mole's blood coagulates quite well and it is just as likely to survive a puncture wound or laceration as any other mammals similar in size.