The  Molebuster Set is the ideal solution to mole damage for the do-it-yourselfer!

Our DVD/Video will teach you everything you need to know!


The Molebuster Set includes: DVD and 2 traps
(Note: tested on a Panasonic DVD-R player and performed without error)


Description of  Set Contents: 
1. A 22 minute instructional video that includes information such as:


  • Detailed instructions on how to trap moles effectively!!!
  • How to recognize and find the ideal places to trap
  • How to access the tunnels properly
  • How to set and place the trap in proper relation to the tunnel
  • Adjusting/troubleshooting the trap
  • Safety


2. Two professional scissor-type traps (the most versatile and effective mole 
    control device on the market!)



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Molebuster Video Download
15.00 USD

NEW ITEM! Molebuster Video Download

Molebuster Set (DVD & Traps)
59.95 USD

Shipping included

Additional Traps
12.00 USD

Additional Traps are Available!

Molebuster Video Only
22.95 USD

Order just the video (DVD). Shipping included.

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