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Want to learn how to solve your mole problems?

Our Molebuster Set is the best product on the market for mole control!
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Is your lawn or garden being destroyed by moles?
Do you need a reputable mole control service?

If so, contact the  franchise (see list below) in your region for our great service. Click on the
"Your Area"
page for contact info. We guarantee to keep your lawn MOLE FREE!  (Free Estimates)

Business Opportunities

If you are interested in owning your own mole control business, we are offering business opportunities outside of the Cincinnati area. We are now looking for hard working Americans to start a mole business in the Dayton OH area
, Lexington KY area , Frankfort Ky area,  Indianapolis IN and YOUR AREA!   Visit the "Franchises" page for more information. This is a great and affordable opportunity! Interested parties should contact Craig Stevens

The Following Counties currently have active Molebuster  Businesses:

 1. Butler County OH (Fairfield, Hamilton, Oxford areas)
 2. Parts of western Clermont County OH 
 3. Delaware County OH (Powell, Dublin, Columbus areas)
 4. Franklin County OH (Columbus area)
 5. Geauga County OH (Cleveland area)
 6. Hamilton County OH (Greater Cincinnati area)
 7. Warren County OH (Lebanon, Mason areas)
 8. Parts of Eastern Dearborn County IN
9. Northern KY (Florence, Ft. Mitchel, Ft. Wright, Triple Crown, Hebron areas)

All other Counties and Parishes in the USA are Available!!   Contact us!!

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Mole Traps - Mole Control - Mole Trap - Trapping Moles - Mole Eradication